Enough Is Enough: Kid Finally Snaps After Being Bullied [VIDEO]


Full disclosure — The contents of this article may be inappropriate for those of a young age. — There is very important reasoning and message behind the age old, popular adage “pick on someone your own size.” Namely because if not, the fight will remain unfair and someone could potentially get unnecessarily hurt.

Case in point here as one little kid, apparently the outspoken ringleader amongst a group of other bullying children, sets his sights on regularly laying aim to pick on a much bigger guy, dubbed “Little Zangief.” (You Streetfighter fanatics know what that’s all about.) But after getting a glimpse of Zangief, there is nothing “little” about this kid, except possibly, his urge and will to fight.

The smaller boy has obviously been aware of Zangief’s meek and mild manner and as shown below in the footage, takes to his usual antics of bullying the much bigger gentlemen. But sooner or later, as we all learn in life, enough is enough, as we each have our own breaking points.

A word of advice to all of you bullies out there—don’t wake the bear because when you do, you certainly won’t like what happens next.

As shown below, “Little Zangief” has finally had enough, after a usual day of tormenting from his fellow schoolmate, and therefore ultimately resorts to a bit of payback—WWE style. All I can say is that there is a reason the kid can’t walk straight after this body slam. Hopefully the smaller tyke has finally learned his lesson, as well as I hope this has not offended any of you. But what’d you think—could we see Zangief throwing down in the ring one day?

See shocking footage below:

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