Eric Clapton to Auction Off Guitars for Rehab Clinic


Music royalty, Eric Clapton plans to auction off roughly 70 of his prized guitars in the means of donating the earnings to his long time rehab clinic. The greatest guitarist alive (or dead in my opinion) is said to have quite an extensive collection of six strings to choose from, but what greater cause than that of aiding in the rescue of less fortunate?

The clinic, Crossroads Centre in Antigua, was founded by Clapton himself in 1998, aimed towards treating those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. A bout the multi Grammy award winner knows all too well, having suffered from both for a large part of his illustrious career.

Included amongst the array of auctioned instruments will be several “Clapton tickled” pieces, each from historic moments throughout his career. The guitar he played during the Cream reunion tour of 2005 is to be one of the most sought after items in the collection, which is said to be worth an estimated $20,000 – $30,000. Oh you know, just the typical price tag for your average Fender Stratocaster (insert sarcasm here).

The charitable auction is to take place in New York, March 9 of 2011, led by Bonhams’ auctioneers. Other items to be featured will be amps, speakers, and a various assortment of audio equipment, as well as pieces from fellow legendary musicians, Jeff Beck, J.J. Cale and Joe Bonamassa.

These items are worth more than a Michael Jordan game ball, folks. At least in my eyes, anyway. Nonetheless, another amazing act of selflessness from an individual of great merit.

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