Extraterrestrials Invade NFL Football Game [VIDEO]

Image enhancement of still frame shot shows strange object coming out from behind church steeple.

Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post is reporting that an unidentified flying object was captured on digital video doing flybys over Lucas Oil Stadium during the recent meeting between Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints. When the indecent occurred, Indianapolis was in the midst of suffering one of the worst losses in NFL history, leading some to speculate that the visitors might have been Saints fans.

While it’s not very likely that extraterrestrials have invaded intent on stealing our favorite spectator sport, the exact identity of the object in question has baffled even some of the most skeptical among us.

When viewed in real time there doesn’t seem to be much if anything out of the ordinary about the video segment which pans across the pointed steeples of New Orleans’ St Louis Cathedral before returning to the action on the field. When viewed frame-by-frame, though, a rather odd-looking elongated object with tiny, glowing orbs appearing directly above and below it, can be seen streaking across the back ground of the clip.

The object bears a striking resemblance to a phenomena affectionately termed “rods” by UFO researchers and paranormal enthusiasts. Skeptics have long since written off the phenomina as the result of insects flying in close proximity to the camera lens creating the illusion of a large, illuminated object flying across the horizon.

Seems reasonable enough except for the fact that this particular object can be seen flying behind the steeple in the middle of the frame, potentially ruling out the insect hypothesis. Although it’s difficult to tell exactly what the object is we can be fairly certain it’s not any type of known conventional air craft.

When interviewed by the Huffington Post, Marc Dantonio, an out spoken and avid debunker of the phenomena, was quick to dismiss the video as yet another example of “motion blur” caused by no more than flying insects. However, when he viewed the object in slow motion, clearly moving behind the steeples, his confidence began to waiver.

“Yeah, that sure does look weird. I won’t say it’s not interesting… Dantonio continues, “…I see that it pauses right behind the left spire, at least it seems to catch it right behind it, and that building is pretty far away. It really looks like it’s going behind.”

Jose Escamilla, the film maker turned researcher credited with coining the term “rods” in the early 1990’s, is convinced that the thousands of hours of footage he’s captured over the years actually represents an unknown form of biological life. And while Dantonio is clearly at a loss to explain away this most recent evidence, he maintains his belief that there’s a much more mundane and down to earth explanation for the mysterious object.

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