Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas: Hundreds of Stores, Hours of Shopping


The first time I made plans to go shopping at the Fashion Show Mall here in Las Vegas, I was elated. I heard that several days a week, in the middle of the mall, a runway is set up and there are models stomping out the new lines available in the stores. Hello, Awesomeness. Then I saw the mall and my eyes popped out of my head! Who parked the UFO on the strip?!


Who cares! This mall is amazing and huge and there are so many stores. In true Vegas fashion, this mall has something for everyone. I was very excited to see they have a Saks 5th Ave., Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, and Kate Spade. They also have Lucky Brand, Ed Hardy, ALDO, True Religion, Tommy Bahama, The Limited…

And I heard right! They have live fashion shows. They set up a huge runway and there where the models rock the clothes from different stores in the mall! High boots, flowing fabrics, rad make-up, and loud music. What a great time and fabulous idea to have runway shows featuring the clothes you can walk into a store and buy immediately, right?

Yay Las Vegas! Yay Fashion Show Mall! And how fabulous it is to know that it doesn’t look or feel like you are shopping aboard a UFO!!


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