Fat Man Sues White Castle For Bigger Booths


NANUET, N.Y.—“Fat Suit” – A New York state fat man suing White Castle restaurants for larger booths claims the burger chain violated the American with Disabilities Act.

Martin Kessman, 64, who weighs in at a plump 290 pounds, says he is unable to fit into the stationary booths at the Nanuet White Castle.

After sending several letters to the corporate headquarters, Kessman says the restaurant responded with coupons and letters that were “very condescending” the New York Post reported Monday.

“In each letter was a coupon for three free hamburgers – but the cheese was extra!” Kessman wrote in his lawsuit, which was filed in New York federal court last week.

Kessman said restaurant officials promised to install larger seats in their restaurants but have not followed through with their promise.

In his lawsuit, Kessman says the Disabilities act is not only applicable to him but to pregnant woman and handicapped people.

“I just want to sit down like a normal person,” Kessman said.

The lawsuit is seeking larger chairs and unspecified damages.

Perhaps If Kessman spent less time in White Castle and more time walking and being active there would be no need for such a frivolous lawsuit.

The fact that he compared himself to a person with a disability is truly amazing. Kessman has the ability to correct his situation where people with real disabilities cannot.

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