Father Attacks Son With Three Swords


TAMPA, Florida ~ (tampabay.com/ABC Action News) ~ A father is facing felony charges after he attacked his son with three long-bladed weapons, including a samurai sword.

51-year-old Lawrence Luther Daniel got into an argument with his son, 28-year-old Bruce Lee Daniel, around 7:00pm on July 25th at the Breezewood Mobile Home Park where they both live. The fight began when Dad tried to kick out Son’s girlfriend out of their central Hillsborough home. The argument escalated between the two and Lawrence “became enraged”, grabbed a sword and tried to hit Bruce in the head and torso, according to a report by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Bruce Daniel used a tree branch to defend Lawrence’s Attacks, but the branch broke under the force of the sword. Using another branch, the son was able to temporarily disarm his father, deputies said. But soon after, Dad returned to the scene with two more samurai-type swords and once again tried to attack Son, by “lunging” at him “violently”, deputies said. Lawrence Daniel was subdued and arrested and is being held on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Photo credit: St. Petersburg Police Department

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