Fav Vegas Photo #8 – Las Vegas Pool Scene


The Las Vegas pool scene is where it’s at for Las Vegas locals and vacationers alike. I particularly like this photo because I feel like it sums up everything I could try to say about pool parties herein Las Vegas. It looks like everyone is having so much fun on this Saturday evening at TAO Beach Las Vegas.

TAO Beach Las Vegas
Photo by Mathew Carpenter | My Vegas Scene

From the girls reaching out for the shot glasses in the middle of the day, to the guy in the pink and black striped shorts – you can tell that TAO Beach Las Vegas, amongst other day life pool spots here in the city, is a setting that sits well with all types. Whether you want to get some sun, party like its your birthday or just relax in a cool setting, the Las Vegas pool scene is where you want to be (if you can handle the heat). Special thanks to Mathew Carpenter for this awesome shot!


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