Fawn On Power Lines Causes Montana Power Outage


HELENA, Montana ~ (KXLH.com/AP) ~ A local power company employee described a brief power outage, triggered by a fawn hanging on power lines, by saying it was caused by a “deer with wings”

East Missoula resident Lee Bridges said when the power went out she took her three Sheltie dogs outside to see what might have caused the problem. That’s when she saw a bald eagle sitting in a nearby spruce tree, saying, “that was a first”. Bridges noted that several eagles have a nest in a standing dead tree across the river, and while she has seen them fly overhead they’ve never landed that close to her home. She also said the eagle had partially gutted the intended meal before dropping the fawn on the overhead lines and shorting out the neighborhood power.

A NorthWestern Energy repair crew soon showed up to restore power, and one of the linemen was quoted as saying, “apparently we have deer with wings” when he saw the situation at hand. The workers noted the burn spots created on the lines by the fawn carcass, removed it, and had the electricity back on in about thirty minutes. No word as to whether the eagle preferred its venison rare.

Photo credit: Lee Bridges/AP

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