Feast Movie Premiere Had Quite a Bite


Walking into the Brenden Theaters at the Palms in Las Vegas on Monday night I had no idea what to expect of the new Indie movie “Feast.” I was only aware that the title was based on a cannibal coming to America and “feasting” on human flesh. Still being in the spirit of Halloween I was excited to see such a film. I was accompanied by my little sister who is not a huge fan of gory, scary movies, but going to a movie premiere had interested her enough to join me.

Feast Film Premier Las Vegas
Fans Wait in Line to See “Feast”

As we walked into the theater I was delighted to see how packed it was. It seemed like the only empty seats in the house were our reserved seats in the middle row. Best seat in the house, I thought to myself.

Feast Film Premier Las Vegas
My Vegas Scene’s Brian Golbourne Chats With Cinematographer Jonathon Hart and Writer / Director Erick Adam

Before the movie came on there was a speech delivered by the film’s cinematographer, Jonathon Hart. He thanked the cast and all the crew, including the film’s writer and director, Erick Adam that was present in the audience. You could tell that there was a lot of passion that went into making this film and that was apparent in Hart’s voice. All of the cast and crew stood up and the crowd gave an enormous round of applause. I recognized the film’s lead actress, Ronni Lea, in the back row.

Feast Film Premier Las Vegas
The Lead Lady of “Feast,” Ronni Lea

Finally the lights dimmed and I was anxious for the film to begin. My popcorn was starting to vanish as I nervously and rapidly ate it. Another round of applause echoed throughout the theater. The opening credits were certainly interesting and well shot. A picture of dead pigs in meat factories and people enjoying pork at fine dining restaurants was a neat concept. We were introduced to the film’s protagonist Nathan, actor Josef Niznik, a scientist in the movie that had been studying ancient tribal rituals. He had been in the jungle for many years as a cannibal until he got word that his mother was dying of cancer. It was then when he decided to come home to America. Niznik’s appearance was almost that of a werewolf. The movie then switched to a scene of a house in the desert with a female screaming followed by a gun shot. After two policemen played by Alastar Bayardo and Kirk Thompson has broken into the house, the audience sees a women who appears to be dead on the kitchen floor with Nathan next to her. The policemen question Nathan and that is how the stories of his cannibalism in America unfold.

Nathan’s character, drugs innocent women in his house as he woos them with wine and passionate kisses until they are then unable to move or scream and then he has his feast. Gory and somewhat disturbing shots are shown throughout these scenes, one including Nathan’s character breaking a man’s ribs and then feasting on them while saying tribal chants.

Straying away from Nathan for a minute we meet two college students named Aimee, a freshman (played by Ronni Lea), and Terra, (played by Janell Kelley), a sophomore who live in the dorms. Terra welcomes Aimee to the room where Aimee is suspicious by the creepy man in the hallway who is staring at her as she enters the dormitory. A few minutes later the girls hear a knock at the door and by the time they turn around there is a dead bird on a plate waiting for them.

The film’s sound was not the best and at times I had trouble hearing the character’s speak, but it made up for it with the cinematography and interesting plot. Now, I don’t want to give the movie away but let’s just say that Nathan finds his love in America and turns her into a killing cannibal as well. You will have to sink your teeth into this movie yourself and find out if Nathan gets arrested or continues on his way to killing and eating innocent people in the Indie movie “Feast.”

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