Fedoras and More Fun Winter Fashion [LIST]


Winter fashion is full on in LA. If you are trying to keep up with the latest trends and can’t afford to shop in Beverly Hills, I have a few little fashion tips for you. Five, to be exact, and a little more. If you are living on a shoe-string, try shopping at thrift stores. They are actually becoming the latest rage.

What you want to look for are accessories. You can find good buys for pennies. Go about the expensive stores and see what’s selling. Even with a small budget you can piece together some nice accessories and look smart.

Here are 5 accessory essentials for your wardrobe.

1- A chunky belt. Add some flair to your outfit with a thick, leather belt. A nice fat silver or gold medallion in the middle embellishes it even more. If your belt is western-style, don’t add more western to your outfit. Keep it chic.

2 –A bulky ring. Big sparkly rings on the forefinger are trendy. If you are going with darker colors, make sure your makeup compliments it. Go dark.

3- A funky leather bag. The hobo-style bag is popular, easy to carry your entire wardrobe in, and easy to toss over your shoulder as you run out the door. This is where you will have to spend some time looking, because a handbag can otherwise be a small investment.

4- A party headband. Hair accessories can add a nice finishing touch to your party dress. Especially a jeweled headband. Keep them simple so you don’t overpower the rest of your outfit.

5- A Fedora hat. Get one in a variety of colors. They have become so fashionable that you can even find a Fedora hat covered in lace.

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