Fendi Via Bellagio Las Vegas: A Sheer Work of Art


My normal reaction when I walk into the FENDI store at Via Bellagio is a gasp and I cover my mouth; and for a moment I lose my ability to form words. I am chuckling at myself even now, recalling the previous time.


I digress. FENDI’s 2010 collections are, for lack of a more perfect word: perfect. It’s as though our minds and needs have been tapped into again this year. The clothing moves and flows like rolling waves and within the spring/summer 2010 collection is beautiful black sheer dresses. It’s an awful shame that I am currently living without them.

The lovely woman who was working the last time I was in was so helpful and made me feel like the most important person in the world! She kept bringing me dress after dress. She was an angel. Outside, it is 110 degrees and inside FENDI (aside from the fabulous workers) you find luxurious fabric that feels so amazing against your skin that the desert heat doesn’t make you flinch with worry at all!


I cannot stress it enough. The beautiful breezy clothing this season is exactly the thing that will help you conquer this Las Vegas summer.

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