Finally: Use Water to Charge Your Gadgets


While this isn’t quite as mind shattering as hearing that there is a newly fashioned way for your vehicle to run from purely water, we however, do rank it somewhat in the vicinity, especially for all you outdoorsy types who still have the urge and inclinations to check your cell phone and laptops every couple of hours while enjoying mother nature.

Power Trekk comes through with a truly innovative device that transforms a mere tablespoon of water into enough energy to charge any of your beloved technological devices. That’s right, next family camping trip, no need to lug three of four extension chords, vehicle ready adapters, and a bag full of batteries. Simply snag yourself a Power Pukk and the appropriated USB connector for your device and you’re good to go.

How does it all work, you might ask. It’s really quite simple. The Trekk conveniently and rather harmlessly converts hydrogen into electricity by the means of h20. As aforementioned, all you need to do is fill the device with a tablespoon of the water boy’s favorite refreshing beverage and then connect your gadgets by way of USB. Then it’s happy and worry free camping as you wait for your goodies to charge.

The only mere, negative aspect of the whole process is a bit of water vapor, but who hasn’t run into that on a daily basis? I believe the sacrifice (if you can even call it that) is well worth it. Agree? So here’s to you and you’re happy camping.

Powertrekk – How it works from PowerTrekk on Vimeo.

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