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We know you’re ready – ready to party in the entertainment capital of the world, right here in Las Vegas. But choosing the right hotel is always a tricky feat to accomplish. When do you know to book? How do you book it and where? Thanks to @CasinoDaily on Twitter, you can now save time, energy and money so you have more to spend while perusing the city of Las Vegas.

“Did you know that Trump Las Vegas (5 Star) Has Lower Rates Than Many 4 Star Hotels in Las Vegas?” – CasinoDaily

“The problem is that the hotels are not communicating to their consumers that they have empty rooms,” explains Joe Pettigrew – the man behind “CasinoDaily” and a longtime hotelier. “Did you know that by booking a hotel room either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays can save you up to 40%? The key is that the hotels don’t want you to know these patterns or they can’t capitalize on those who don’t do their research,” Joe further explains. “Smart travelers find the best deals and plan their trips around it.”

No, we didn’t know that. What else? Here are 5 tips that CasinoDaily recommends if you’re looking to travel to Vegas.

1. If you’re flying, always book a hotel room with your flight. It can save you up to 45% on your trip to Vegas at places like

2. If you’re driving, check sites like or on weekdays. One of the sites will run a 24 hour sale that you can’t get anywhere else (i.e. runs a site-wide 24 hour sale every Wednesday).

3. Always check for “Specials” or “Hot Deals” on MGM Mirage or Harrah’s website. They will usually offer an additional 10% discount as opposed to if you were to search for dates directly.

4. If you can make it a weekday trip, skip the weekend. Or split the Friday and Saturday. The rate difference between Saturday and Sunday is almost 100% – 100% less on Sunday that is. Weekday rates in Vegas are unbeatable in America. Even if you can make it a Saturday – Sunday trip, leaving on Monday morning, you’ve just saved about 50% on your hotel bill.

5. Follow @CasinoDaily on Twitter or stay up to date with their updates right here on MyVegasScene. No one wants to do research. It’s boring and time consuming. CasinoDaily will tweet all day about the deals in Vegas so you don’t have to research yourself. It’s convenient for locals too! If you have any questions, ask CasinoDaily on Twitter and expect a prompt response. Yes, they can be like your personal travel agent!

Good luck in your search for the best hotel rates in Vegas.

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