Five Baking Ideas to Get His Attention on Valentine’s Day [LIST]


Women, you probably realize Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you are trying to get to your man’s heart via his stomach, we have some irrestible suggestions. These are particularly for the sweet tooth.

Below are 5 great treats to make with decorating tip or two.

1-Bake brownies. Men cannot resist gooey, chewy fudge brownies. Add their favorite ingredients. This could be nuts or gooey caramel. Cut them into heart shapes and toss some red and pink sprinkles on top.

2-Bake cupcakes. Frost them with white and pink swirled frosting, or put a pink heart in the middle. Alternatively, sprinkle heart candies on top. You could add a custard or creme filling.

3-Make fudge. Get out your best fudge recipe. A great thing to add for Valentine’s Day is candied cherries. Put them in the mix just after you draw it off the stove. Instead of cutting the fudge into pieces, when it cools make one giant heart.

4-If you don’t have time to bake, find an ornamental tin or basket. Buy his favorite cookies and candy and lay them out nicely in the tin. Toss some black licorice on top to make it look sassy. You can arrange some red licorice ropes over the top, too.

5-Make a Champagne sorbet. Try grenadine mix, for instance, along with ½ cup champagne and follow the amount of liquid and lemon juice according to your favorite sorbet recipe. Ice cream makers are ideal for making sorbets. One cup of frozen fruit mashed up works, too.

Making something special for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day can be enjoyable. Some useful ideas to get you started and a minute of preparation helps to make the process smooth. That and I heard years ago once the chocolate is gone you keep their attention by whispering into the left ear.

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