Five Great Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day [LIST]


It´s quite possibly the busiest day for wedding proposals in America. If you felt jilted when your beau didn’t propose on Christmas, don´t be discouraged. He may be waiting for Valentine´s Day.

Gentlemen, if you are considering joining the crowd, don´t spend all that money on an engagement ring but fail to score in the end zone. Be prepared. A few minutes creating a proposal plan could bring you great memories for a lifetime.

If your thoughts have run dry and you are struggling for a pinch of creativity, you might find inspiration from the list below. We have done the hard part for you. Here are five helpful ideas to pop the question.

1-Take your sweetheart to dinner. This is where the fun begins. At some point during the meal, before dinner drinks, after dinner, whenever the moment is right for you, prepare in advance for your waiter to deliver a message in a bottle. You can have a nicely written out proposal.

2-If you are a gadget or social networking geek, the method is obvious. Facebook her. Make the message clever and outrageous. Include a graphic or video. Or text her while she is with you. Even better, make a video proposal and send it on YouTube. Extra special if you cannot be together.

3-Hide a ring in her handbag, clutch purse, pocket, whatever. Do it when she is not looking. Devise what to say to ahead of time to get her to find it so she is not suspicious.

4-This method has been used before, but chics dig it. Bake something.  A cake. A quiche. A pasta dinner. Hide the ring in the food. Hopefully you won’t get a big dentist bill along with a “yes” response.

5-The most romantic of all. This takes some planning ahead. Hire a waiter, or get your friends involved. Set a table up somewhere incredible. Have it prepared with candles and wine. Have the waiters there to greet you as you pull up in your car with the lovely lady. They should escort you to the table. Tell her to dress up.

If you plan to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, best wishes to you. Do some planning to make it special. By all means, take a deep breath. Relax.

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