Five Hangover Remedies to Live By


So you just partied like Charlie Sheen on a Monday night and now you’re really hung-over. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with a hangover, but here are five common remedies that will help you get back to normal in no time.

Drink lots of water: OK, so you’ve heard this one before, but drinking lots water should be at the top of your hangover to-do-list. Because alcohol makes you pee a lot, it often leads to dehydration, which can give you the feeling of dizziness and lightheadedness. You should also remember not to gulp it all down at once but drink it slowly.

Eating: After a night of heavy drinking the last thing you want is a big greasy meal  instead  try something a little easier like crackers or toast or even pretzels. Eating breads can re-boost your blood sugar which may have dipped while you were drinking. A banana is also a great way to replenish lost potassium from urinating. Just remember, don’t binge.

Get Moving: As hard as this may sound, it needs to be done; the alcohol in your system needs to metabolize and one way of doing this is through exercise. Fruit and sport drinks and honey may help burn the alcohol but forcing yourself to move around will speed up the process.

Napping: You may think napping contradicts the previous method, but sleep is a very important factor to relieving hangovers. Even though you slept 8 to 14 hours, frequent trips to the bathroom and tossing and turning have taken its toll on your Z’s. A short nap may prove to be the ticket back to Normalville, just don’t make it an all day trip.

Aspirin: Pain relievers are great at alleviating a headache but can aggravate an already upset stomach. One of the active ingredients in aspirin, acetaminophen could lead to liver damage, according to the Mayo Clinic. So when taking aspirin stick to the recommended dosage or try half a dose to start and see how you feel in an hour.

A little hangover prep can go a long way: If you know you’re in for a wild night of drinking, a little foresight will keep you from feeling like crap the next day. First, try and get enough rest the day before, this will not only give you stamina throughout the night it will also benefit you the next day.

Second, set limits for yourself  before you go out. Knowing your limits a head of time will save you a major headache in the end.  Don’t cave to peer pressure, when they are feeling like crap the next day you’ll be glad you made the right choice.

Did you know: Darker-colored alcoholic beverage like bourbon, scotch, tequila, brandy, ales—have a greater amount of chemicals called congeners, which are more likely to cause a hangover, according to the Mayo Clinic. But light or dark, excess alcohol can lead to a perfectly awful day after.

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