Five Low-Fat Healthy Snack Alternatives [LIST]


Many people are well into their diet routine, trying to make good on their New Year’s resolution. If you fit into this category, here is a little list of fun foods that are low-fat. They also have plenty of taste, some savory, others sweets. You can find them readily available at your local grocer or health food store; they are also easy to make.

Some you can grab on your way out the door or snack on during the day. Others are better to use as spreads to liven up other foods like breaks, salads and veggies. But two things they all have in common: they are full of flavor and nutrition.

1- Crackers. Not all crackers are created equal. Some can be a bit higher in fat, but still not as high as potato chips and corn snacks. Yet they still have a satisfying crunch. Today there are many on the shelves to choose from, and some are quite tasty eaten alone without a spread or cheese. Or better yet, roll out some dough and shake your own spices on top.

2- Hummus. This Mediterranean spread has been around for centuries. Garbanzo beans are the base, along with crushed sesame seeds. You can add just about anything to give it more life: garlic, red pepper, olives, lemon. Try them all. Hummus is a bit of trend right now and is easy to spot in the refrigerated section at the supermarket.

3- Sesame Squares. Taking the place of a chocolate bar, this snack also has it origins in the Mediterranean. This rich and super sweet snack is packed with power and makes a great energy burst. Your local health store will sell them for sure, but you can enrich the quality by making your own in under ten minutes. Substitute the sugar for wholesome honey.

4- Tzatziki. Yogurt is the base for this spread. It is not hard to find in the stores, but so easy to make. Just add a bit of lemon juice, salt, crushed garlic and cucumber to your liking. Experiment. This is a Greek treasure and eaten every day in Greece.

5- Oat Squares. Here is another snack to grab on the go. Also known as Flapjacks, Oat squares carry a lot of energy and goodness. They are quick to make, too. And by making them at home you can substitute the sugar for honey, add a tablespoon of molasses, dried fruit and seeds. They really beat hunger and are perfect for athletes and the extremely active.

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