Five Travel Tips to Land You the Cheapest Fare [LIST]


This is the time of year when people begin making their holidays plans for summer. This includes surfing the web hour after hour trying to find the best price on airfare. We have five rules of thumb when purchasing tickets online to help you land the best deal.

Realize it really does make a difference to shop around and append a few extra minutes browsing online.

1-The best way to save money on flights is to be flexible. The cheapest days to travel nationally are Monday after noon until noon on Thursday. International travel varies. Usually Fridays and Sundays you will pay more, but not necessarily.

2-Travel off peak. This is basically a continuation of above. If you want to have a summer getaway and can manage to depart and return before the middle of June, you can save loads. Alternatively, if you can hold off on your trip until the end of August you can pocket a good chunk of money and avoid the crowds.

3-Purchase your tickets online on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you think I am mistaken try it. Browse any market, just for fun. This includes international travel. Keep the exact same itinerary and try your search Thursday. The cost will go up through the weekend. Come Monday morning, the cost will start to go down again.

4-Take the Red Eye. Not appealing to everyone, but if you are really pressed for dinero, fly close to midnight and before 6am.

5-Make the odd connection. If you are traveling internationally, you can save up to 50% in some markets by going a bit out of your way. This might mean leaving LA and going to Miami to get to London, for example. It will add hours to your travel, but it might make an otherwise unaffordable trip affordable.

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