Fla. Man Blames Crash on “Boogeyman”


GOLDEN GATE ESTATES, Fla.—“Don’t fear the reaper”—A Florida man accused of crashing his motorcycle into some trees while drunk, told officers the accident was the fault of the “boogeyman.”

James Scarborough, 49, was taken to Physicians Regional Hospital with minor injuries after becoming pinned under his motorcycle Sunday.

The Florida Highway Patrol said Scarborough was shouting profanities and attempting to leave his hospital bed when they arrived to interview him.

One officer told the Naples Daily News that they could smell alcohol on Scarborough’s breath.

Scarborough denied crashing his motorcycle and blamed the incident on the “boogeyman.”

Unfortunately, for Scarborough, the cops didn’t buy his boogeyman story and charged the motorcycle masher with misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence, refusal to submit to an alcohol test, resisting a law enforcement officer, operating a vehicle without a valid license and operating a motorcycle without a proper license.

The “boogeyman” was not charged.

This is not the first time the “boogeyman” was considered a suspect in a crime, but not charged.

As far back as early man, the “boogeyman” had been accused of sneaking into caveman kid’s closets and giving them the willies. Though a suspect, police have yet to find sufficient evidence to charge this elusive figure with a crime.

Until he is apprehended, drunken motorcycle riders and children who have an unusual fear of the dark will remain tormented by this shadowy dark under-world figure that goes by the moniker the “Boogeyman.”

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