Fla.Man Stabbed To Death for Excessive Channel Changing


WINTER HAVEN, Florida –“Flipped Out” — Police in Central Florida say a homeless man stabbed a wheelchair-bond man to death because he was angered by his excessive channel flipping.

Winter Haven police booked 29-year-old David Matthew Young into the Polk County Jail Wednesday. Authorities say he is charged with killing 54-year-old Martin Vasser as well as armed robbery and prohibited possession of prescription pain pills which Young tried to sell to the man’s neighbors.

Young who had known Vasser for about three years told investigators that he became angry last week by the Vasser’s habit of changing the television channel. Police reports indicate Vasser was stabbed seven to eight times in the back.

The police report states; Young grabbed a knife, threw Vasser out of his wheelchair and onto the ground and began stabbing him repeatedly.

Vasser’s neighbors called building maintenance Tuesday after not hearing from him for several days. When a maintenance worker entered his apartment, he found a large amount of blood in the doorway and called police, who found Vasser’s body.

Young, who lives in the woods near Vasser’s apartment, was an acquaintance who would sometimes visit the disabled man. Police say they found Young in a tent in the woods.

Young told Vasser he was doing him a favor as he killed him, police said. They believe Vasser was killed between Wednesday and Saturday.

“Changing the channels on the television doesn’t seem like a very good reason to kill somebody,” Police Chief Gary Hester told the Ledger.

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