Fla. Man Sticking by Girlfriend Who Torched His Crotch


OSCALA, Fla. —- A Florida man is standing by his woman after she was arrested for pouring gasoline on his genitals and setting them on fire.

Andrew Williams, 42, suffered serious burns and was rushed to a local-area hospital after his 29-year-old girlfriend, Victoria Bynes, roasted his nuts on an open fire.

Neighbors called the police after seeing the couple engaged in a “heated” argument. Witnesses said Bynes doused Williams’ crotch in gasoline and then struck a match.

Police arrived to find a smoldering Williams lying in the front yard, reeking of gasoline and unable to speak. Bynes was charged with aggravated assault. Now you would think this would be the end of the relationship.

However, soon after Bynes got out of jail and Williams was released from the hospital they reunited and appeared to have reconciled.

Williams told reporters that the whole incident was a big misunderstanding. Bynes told detectives that she saw her boyfriend drop to the ground and roll to put out the flames. She says she left the scene because she thought he wasn’t injured. (Is that true love or what?)

Family members say they are worried about the couple’s relationship. It is not known if the couple will seek counseling or if Williams will ever look at roasted nuts the same way.

One can only speculate on Williams’ decision to stay with a woman who lit his junk on fire and then fled. Perhaps his loins still burn for his lady love, or he’s just plain crazy, either way the passion between these two is still red hot. 

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