Flava Flav Celebrates His 50th Birthday in Las Vegas


Legendary Public Enemy front-man Flava Flav celebrated his 50th birthday on Friday, March 20th inside of Jet Nightclub Las Vegas at the Mirage.

Flava Flav at JET Nightclub Las Vegas
Photo by Scott Harrison | HarrisonPhotos.com

Random story – just the day before I was at the CVS on Blue Diamond and Las Vegas Blvd. when I noticed a guy in front of me with the largest key chain I had ever seen in my life. There had to be over 50+ keys chains on the rings and it hung about 12” long – long enough to catch my attention.

Sure enough, it was Flava Flav, who I immediately recognized when he turned around and his clock swung from his neck. He was very pleasant – to me and the lady behind the register…and even took the time to take a photo with me. I wish I had wished him a happy 50th!

If you were at JET Nightclub Las Vegas on Friday, hopefully you got to take a picture with Flava Flav too!

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