Flavor Flav Wants HS Diploma On Reality Show


CLINTON, Iowa – William Drayton Jr. Otherwise known as Flavor Flav has recently pitched a new reality show idea. ‘Flavor Flav Goes Back To High School’ was pitched to a local school in Clinton, Iowa, where the musician currently lives and owns a restaurant. He dropped out of school in the 10th grade and now is wanting to finish and get his diploma.

Flavor Flav, 51, grew up in Freeport, New York, but after opening ‘Flav’s Fried Chicken’ in Clinton, Iowa, he decided to pitch his new show idea to the local school superintendent and a school board member. This restaurant is the musicians only connection to the Mississippi river town.

Flav is not a stranger to reality shows, he has been in quite a few VH1 reality shows such as ‘surreal life: season 4’, ‘Strange Love’ with his love interest at the time Brigitte Nielsen. When that didn’t work out he went on to star in 3 seasons of ‘Flavor Of Love’ in which the musician searched to find someone to love.

According to imdb.com, ‘Flavor Flav Goes Back To High School’ is currently in pre-production. He plans on approaching the full school board in the next couple of weeks to get this idea in motion. If approved, Flav intends to hit the books.

Flavor Flav was first known for being in the 80’s hip-hop group Public Enemy.

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