Florida Couple Steal Sheriff Undercover Car To Have Sex


LAKE WORTH, Florida ~ (Palm Beach Post) ~ A man was charged with car theft after he admitted stealing a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office vehicle to spend intimate time with his woman, according to a probable cause affidavit.

59-year-old Alexander Pratt and 53-year-old Clara Pearson, both from Lake Worth, were arrested on the night of Thursday, November 3rd on charges of grand theft auto. The probable cause affidavit said that plainclothes deputies from the PBCSO Auto Theft Task Force parked their green Honda Civic in front of a Quick Stop convenience store on South Dixie Highway. The Civic, which is owned by the sheriff’s department, is fully equipped with GPS and audio and video surveillance equipment.

After the officers left the car unlocked and running in front of the store, Pratt and Pearson saw it as an opportunity, got in the car and backed out onto Dixie Highway and then headed southbound toward Lantana Road. Other deputies spotted the car and followed the couple and conducted a traffic stop at Lantana Road and Interstate 95. Pratt and Pearson were taken into custody; Pratt told deputies he knew he was stealing the car but didn’t regret it, because he wanted to “go to have intimate relations with Pearson,” according to the affidavit.

Photo credit: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

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