Florida Man Allegedly Flashes School Bus On His Birthday


PORT RICHEY, Florida ~ (St Petersburg Times/Tampa.com) ~ A Florida man was ready to celebrate his birthday by allegedly flashing a passing school bus.

64-year-old Jack Snyder was eager to party on his special day, so he strolled down to the corner of San Miguel Drive and Chantilly Lane on April 4th, where he then dropped his pants, shook his hips and wagged his genitals at a passing school bus, all this according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. The kids on the bus were headed home from Chasco Elementary School, and it wasn’t long before the cops started receiving phone calls from concerned parents whose children came home with tales of seeing Snyder’s exposed body parts.

Pasco County Sheriff spokesman Kevin Doll said they got a call from a grandmother who saw Snyder’s nude “butt” as she drove past to pick up her grandson. Snyder was still at the location when a deputy arrived and reportedly said he thought flashing the school bus would be “funny”. He was arrested on April 6th and charged with five counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition with bail set at $50,000. Snyder was just released from the Pasco jail where he served two months for failure to appear in court for trespassing and violating his probation for criminal mischief. Court records show he pled guilty on those charges.

Photo credit: Pasco County Sheriff

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