Florida Woman Stopped For McDonalds But Not For Police


CORAL SPRINGS, Florida ~ (Orlando Sun Sentinel/AOL News) ~ Flashing lights and a police pursuit couldn’t stop a woman from leading a police chase through a fast food drive-thru lane.

The strange pursuit started around 2:00PM on the afternoon of April 11th and spawned an all-out police pursuit. It all started when Coral Police officer Courtney Vassell attempted to pull over 64-year-old Roberta Spen for faulty brake lights. But instead of pulling over to the side of the road, Spen turned into a McDonald’s drive-thru lane and ordered lunch. Vassell pulled in behind her, got out of his patrol car with lights flashing, and told her to pull out into the parking lot for a traffic stop, according to a police report.

Instead of complying with Vassell’s request, Spen stayed in line, completed her order, paid for her food, and then proceeded to drive away in her 2001 bronze Chevrolet. Vassell used his siren again and pulled Spen over outside the restaurant. He said she then “rolled her window down one inch and said she was not speeding and she would not roll her window down.” Spen also refused to hand over her license, registration and proof of insurance, and then drove away from the officer.

Vassell got back into his patrol car, turned on his emergency lights- again -and followed Spen with other officers joining in the pursuit. When she stopped for a red traffic light at University and RamblewoodDrive, several officers tried to box her in with their cruisers. Somehow Spen was able to reverse her car out of the box and continued driving north on University Drive.

Spen finally stopped at a Mobil gas station, where officers again surrounded her car. When she refused to exit her car, police smashed the driver’s side window and extracted her from the vehicle. They first took her to Coral Springs Medical Center for a quick check-up, and then on to BrowardCounty Jail where she was arrested on charges of fleeing and eluding, resisting arrest without violence and driving with defective equipment.

In the arrest report, police said they found no indication that she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the chase, and could offer no explanation as to why Spen, with a clean criminal record, didn’t simply pull over. Later, in bond court, Judge John “Jay” Hurley ordered her release under the condition that she undergo a mental health evaluation. Spen could not be reached for comment; the police report was unclear on if she was able to finish her lunch.

Photo credit: Broward County Sheriff’s Office

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