Floyd Mayweather Jr. KOs Victor Ortiz in Controversial Fashion [VIDEO]


And the title returns to Money Mayweather’s corner. What — you were unaware of the fight last night? Shame on you.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz stood toe to toe out in Las Vegas last night, for the biggest boxing match since well, the last over-hyped bout. With Mayweather’s undefeated streak on the line (previously 41-0), two of the sport’s best went tit for tat for the initial three rounds. What happened in the fourth, however, is what people will obviously talk about for some time to come.

Forcing Mayweather onto the ropes, Ortiz began to land a series of blows, when he then nudged his head up to Mayweather’s chest and then preceded to give him a nice, friendly headbutt. Now it’s no Mike Tyson, but we can’t fault the creativity.

The referee immediately separated the two and lead them back to the center of the ring. When instructed to touch gloves in order to then resume the match, Ortiz slid in to give Money somewhat of a hug to show his apology. When he pulled away, with his hands still down (and the ref not even looking at the fighters), Mayweather landed a wicked right, left combination that many garner as a cheap shot — completely catching Ortiz off guard.

Nonetheless, Ortiz fell like a sack of bricks and was thus knocked out. While technically legal, the act showed a great amount of disrespect and unsportsmanlike conduct, which unfortunately we’ve come to expect from Floyd.

That’s not how the night ends, however. When interviewed by HBO employee Larry Merchant, the two eventually exchanged words and left Merchant saying that if he was 50 years younger, he would kick Mayweather’s ass. While we’re not exactly too sure about that fight, Mayweather did have it coming to him as he capped off his night of utmost disrespect.

The only thing that is left to be seen, is if Mayweather Jr. will finally sack up and accept the fight with the people’s champ, Manny Pacquiao — my money’s still on Packman.

Regardless, be sure to check the footage of the controversial KO as well as Mayweather and Merchant getting into it, below:

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