Flying High: Gay Marriage In The Air


Now we’ve all heard of the mile-high club… but this time it’s sweet, not promiscuous. For the first time in history, one gay and one lesbian couple became the first same-sex couples to get married aboard an aircraft. The organization responsible for this gay – yes, both meanings – event is SAS Scandinavian Airlines, which according to 365Gay, is also host to the wildly successful social media campaign, Love is in the Air. Of course, the now accomplished campaign goal to marry the world’s first same-sex couple on its plane. Why? Because eradicating cancer and solving world hunger is apparently overrated. It’s nice to set goals that can be taken care of in an afternoon.

The flight which was New York bound from Stockholm included the usual traditions of a muti-course dinner, the first dance, and some delectable cake. OnTop Magazine reports, “The winners of the company’s Love is in the Air marketing campaign, which was sponsored by the International Gay Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), walked down the aisle within the flight’s first 20 minutes while in Swedish airspace. Sweden legalized gay marriage last year.” How nice to know, because of the ridiculous hang-ups some people have with progression in this nation, when they landed, their little air ceremony meant squat on our soil. Pathetic!

OnTop further reported that, “More than 300 happy couples eager to marry at 35,000 feet entered the contest. First place winners Mijatovic-Bhattacherjee received a total of 81,640 votes to win the dream wedding.”

Anders Lindström, Scandinavian Airlines PR Director, stated in an interview with Travel Daily, “We are extremely proud to be the first airline to host not only the world’s first mid-air same-sex wedding, but both the first gay and first lesbian wedding, As the national airline of the world’s three most progressive countries, which were also the first to legalize same-sex marriages, we felt it was completely natural to also be the first with this.” The winning couples will be spending three days in New York (and I’m sure taking in a Broadway show) and then flying to Los Angeles to finish out their honeymoons.

In an attempt to piggy back the gay air fun, a Virgin Airlines passenger tweeted, “There was a wedding on my flight to New York! The captain flew briefly over Canadian airspace so two gentlemen could marry.” We later found out that this wasn’t a so called divergence into Canada. The plane was scheduled to be in those coordinates. And after reporters spoke to the pilot flying the red-eye who supposedly performed the ceremony, (ya know… because what pilot isn’t an ordained minister?) he didn’t even know it happened. Leave it to a virgin to try to get in on the action and ultimately disappoint.

But getting back to the real ceremony – Honestly America, isn’t it time we get over trying to control who people are allowed to love? I say, if this plane’s a rockin’, don’t go a knockin’. A little gay turbulence never hurt anyone. Congrats boys and girls. And hey, how much you want to bet the flight attendants were gay?

(Image from Copenhagen Post)

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