Food Network Paula Deen Housekeeper Cooked Up Jewelry Theft


“Hey y’all!” In a surprising turn of events, the former housekeeper of Food Network star, Paula Deen, has pleaded guilty to stealing and pawning a reported $27,500 worth of jewelry from her and her husband.. That’s a lot of dough! And not the delicious deep fried kind Deen has shown us how to make for a little midnight snack.

According to the Savannah Morning News, Mary Alice White – the housekeeper – was served a hot platter of 18 months in prison with a delectable side of six years of probation after pleading guilty in the case. Police have said that Deen and her husband have reported some $100,000 worth of jewelry missing between August 1, 2009 and May 1, 2010… which makes me wonder just who they thought was “cooking” up this scheme. The housekeeper was reportedly the only other occupant in the mansion. I think I would have used the process of elimination recipe months ago. Not to mention, there had to be a little “told you so” moment when it was revealed that White already had a criminal past prior to being hired by Deen having been sentenced for theft in 1993. Hmm… So in other words, she already burned somebody else like an oven with a faulty timer.

Yet still, according to People Magazine, “Deen’s husband, Michael Groover, told the judge that when he told his wife of the theft, she cried and said, ‘Oh no, not my Mary.’ ” Groover then added, “Nobody but Mary knows everything she stole from us.” It’s further reported that Deen, 63, went on to testify to Judge Michael Karpf of White’s deceptive nature stating, “The scars she left behind emotionally can’t begin to be measured. Our hearts are sad. Mary White is the most feared and destroying kind of thief you may ever run up against. Mary was a master at making you think she cares about you. … She used our love and kindness against us.”

And listen Mary, don’t try telling us your sticky fingers came from all those sticky buns! There’s soap next to the sink if you haven’t pawned that yet. I feel bad for Paula. I hate when good trusting people get taken advantage of. Paula seems like a very kind woman and after gazing through her multiple cookbooks, much like calories and cholesterol, mean spirited people are just something else she doesn’t believe in. But, I guess there’s one in every batter.

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