For Real: 14-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Aiming Laser at Plane


You know those annoying kids that frequent your favorite, local movie theater, that thrive on annoying those who are nestled neatly in their seats, locked in on the cinematic adventure at hand? More specifically, the kid that just discovered the mind warping behavior of a laser pointer, as he strategically aims it at the screen every 2 and a half minutes. Yeah, we’ve all had our fair share of annoyance and discomfort with such. But this certain 14 year old kid from Los Angeles took his selfish act a tad (okay maybe more than that) farther.

The boy whose home resides within onlooking distance of Los Angeles’ LAX airport evidently conjured up a new way of entertaining himself—shining his laser pointer at departing and arriving planes. Cute kid, huh?

As with most mischievous acts one performs in life, your luck generally does run out at some point. And this little tike’s good fortune did just that as the pilot of a recently landing Boeing 737 took notice of the beam directed at him and reported it to the authorities accordingly.

The local police were able to pinpoint (pun intended) the beam’s origin and thus gave Mr. “too bored for my own good” a reality check. The cops showed up at his house via helicopter (pretty intimidating, huh?) and arrested the fella. He is now held in juvenile custody, awarded plenty of time to think about how retarded he is.

Next time, stick to your local movie theater, kid.

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