Forgotten Mooncakes Causes Bomb Scare


TAIPEI, Taiwan ~ (Reuters) ~ A suspicious package in a Taiwan subway station bathroom touched off a bomb scare, but it turned out to be a forgotten box of mooncakes.

Police in the southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung report that a custodian cleaning a bethroom in a subway station found a package left on top of a trash can. Part of the station, known for its stained glass ceiling, was cordoned off and explosives experts were alerted. TV coverage showed a police officer, wearing a fully-protective armored suit, entering the bathroom while other officers waited outside the entrance.

The officer later emerged carrying a bright blue box of mooncakes, pastries with sweet fillings, traditionally eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival. Local police chief Cheng Ming-chung said, “it was x-rayed first to see what it was and whether there was any chemical or electrical reaction. He added, “someone must have put it down to use the toilet and forgotten it when they left,” saying police would continue to investigate.

Photo credit: AFP/Mike Clark

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