Former NBA Player Tries to Eat Eight Grams of Marijuana


Sure — there are a few different ways to get marijuana into your system, and eating it is one of them. Except, generally when one is eating some tasty trees, it’s in the form of a “pot brownie” (not that I would know). But how bout just shoving the goods straight down the old windpipe — raw dog style. That is exactly what ex-NBA player, Samaki Walker was “forced” to do recently, as he was anticipating a routine traffic stop.

The former baller was in possession of eight-grams of happy grass and thus, attempted to eat it all before his turn with the officers. Yeah — straight “Super Troopers” style (If you don’t know, watch the film). Needless to say, Walker failed (go figure). Maybe he should take some lessons from those eating professionals that can down like 323 hot dogs in five minutes.

Due to Walker’s failure to down the drugs, the goods were seized, along with a gang of prescription drugs and several bottles of liquid steroids. Yeah — maybe the poor guy is trying to get back into the league.

The ex-NBAer spent time with the Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat, and Indiana Pacers before spiraling out of the league, as he is now attempting to play overseas.

I guess there really is only one lesson to learn from this — you booze (sort of), you lose.

I wonder what was for dessert.

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