Former ‘The City’ Star Called Out For Being Too Thin


Everyone knows models are under extraordinary pressure to be thin, and we’re beginning to see the terrifying effects of that more and more.

This became evident when Revolve showed model Allie Crandell, who was on a season of MTV’s The City, was shown looking

Photos of Crandell from Thanks to for image

frighteningly thin while modelling clothes. Since we all know that there can be some amazingly disastrous photoshop disasters in the media, this one seems to sadly be realistic.

Crandell (who, from what I’ve read, was even criticized on The City for being too thin) appears to has freakishly thin arms and tiny waist on the Revolve site. This prompted dozens of shoppers to comment not on the clothes, but rather share their outrage that the company was using such a scary-thin model to promote their clothing.

Not only were people worried about the unhealthy body image that the site seemed to support (clearly the biggest issue), but ALSO the (great) point that models that thin also make it really difficult to actually figure out clothes would fit REAL women:

Interestingly, instead of acting with apathy or supporting the thin model, the company responded:

If that truly is her (there s no talk of a photoshop disaster, which I figure she and her agent would have done quickly to save her rep if it was), then all I hope is that she gets better. The last thing young women need to do is look at that image, real or not, and think “that’s my goal!” Eeek.

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