Fox Rejects Jesus Hates Obama Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]


Whether you’re an avid football fan or merely involuntarily nominated to sit through the most watched sporting event in the US, one thing’s for certain, you probably anxiously await the highly entertaining Super Bowl commercials that present themselves during the game. And being that we are closing in on that time of the year again, hopeful companies are eagerly shoveling their best of the best over to the Fox network, in hopes of being awarded the chance to purchase a coveted time slot (big bucks).

Already having seen a barrage of rejected advertisements, some racially suggestive, others sexually, and so on and so forth, we can now add another heartbroken organization to the list — What? You hadn’t heard of that either? Shocking.

The right winged comical website formulated a piece that undoubtedly would have spawned much debate, hate, and probably even violence, as they presented a bobble head of President Obama and one of Jesus, side by side in the frame. With Obama grinning from ear to ear, head bouncing like a basketball atop hardwood, Jesus’ figurine simply looks on with stern concern, crossing his arms in disapproval, until that is, when suddenly the Obama doll “mysteriously” takes a tragic fall into the fish tank below. The camera then of course scans to Jesus once again, where his entire demeanor has changed, with his hands pressed victoriously upon his hips and an overwhelming smile upon his face. Victory! That’s some mighty impressive telekinesis right there.

For the life of me, however, I cannot figure out why they wouldn’t want that on air. Hilarious! (Insert sarcasm here). Although it was funny. Maybe next year JesusHatesObama.

See video below:

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