Foxy Girls Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club Review


Foxy Girls Las Vegas

Foxy Girls (3013 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas, 89109, 702-735-5750) is a gentleman’s club for the everyman. Here you can kick back with a cheap beer (four bucks a Bud), play some pool, and occasionally become aroused by some of the talent… but you don’t have to. Customers patronizing Foxy Girls are looking for an unbelievably relaxed, no pressure strip club experience. They also have a real love of establishments that ooze sleeze and pleasant shame.<

Let’s visit my patented Sliding Scale of Titty Bars to get us started. As I mentioned in my review of Cheetahs, I’m ranking Foxys at a 2. Yet, it remains my favorite strip joint in Vegas. I want to make that perfectly clear, because some of this review may sound negative, but the club’s shortcomings are a huge part of its charm.

One of the considerations in the Sliding Scale is cover. At Foxy Girls, there is none, which is excellent, but you would not go if there was one. Service is top notch. The bartenders are usually hot chicks in college, and there is never an overly long wait at the bar. Cocktail waitresses will rarely ask you what you want, but will clean up after you like your grandmother just walked into your college dorm room. Also, they are usually that old.

The quality of girls is perhaps the reason for the lack of cover. Your typical stripper at Foxys is slightly overweight at best, overly pierced and tattooed with cesarean scars at worst. This is just fine, considering the tits are only there as a backdrop for the fifty cent pool and good tavern times. Regularly, however, dancers will feature who normally work at the more upscale clubs, or who are in training to do so. In that case, put bread in their thongs, and say, “Man, what are you doing here?” (I think butchered Billy Joel quotes might as well become a regular feature of this column). These girls are worth dropping your nightly budget on, because they genuinely are trying their best.

And anyway, the charm of the lovely ladies at Foxy Girls is their personalities. Yes, yes, that is a way of saying that they are mostly borderline fug. On the other hand, it means that hour long conversations, with relatively good looking girls in lingerie, are not out of the question. The best part is, you don’t feel like those convos are poorly veiled hustles for private dances like you do at other clubs. None of the girls go straight for the wannadance jugular either, mostly because they know they would be laughed back to the dressing room. The ladies pick their own two-dance setlist every time they are on stage, which offers a good look into their musical tastes and, therefore, how much they are worth as people.

Don’t look for a V.I.P. room here. In fact, look for the DJ to play the dual role of chaperone for your dances in the back. He watches the cameras and makes sure the girls aren’t getting away with giving you more than your money’s worth. This is not to say the girls don’t try. In fact, several of the girls make a game of getting their mouths on women’s breasts (girls have been known to come home with nipple bruising that lasts for weeks) or a hand down your pants in covert ways. A few of them even delight in using various parts of their customers’ anatomy to bring themselves to orgasm. At least someone is walking out of the back room without blue balls.

Atmosphere is the reason to hit up Foxy Girls. It is basically a glorified local bar, with (I cannot stress this enough) a fifty-cent pool table and cheap drinks. A rewarding pastime is developing friendly relationships with the girls over the course of a few visits. Arrive in a button-up shirt and tip generously your first time, and you can be sure you will be remembered.

Then, let the stripper drama begin! The dancers at Foxys tend to form rival gangs, and if you are close enough with any of them, you can be part of the fun. Thrill to the entertainment value of who stole who’s shoes, or the ever popular, “Who threw all my shit in the toilet?” And imagine the excitement of learning the bartender is actually the hottest dancer’s over-protective boyfriend. But wait, not really. Either way, they will fight embarrassingly in the corner, and if you ask, they will fill you in on all the gritty details. Don’t get too attached to any one girl though, as that much drama tends to lend to a high turnover rate. On nights when the histrionics reach One Life to Live proportions, the club will close an hour early for mediation and a round of firings.

Foxy Girls truly is the Cheers of all strip clubs. Nobody will yell out “Norm!” when you walk through the door (chances increase exponentially if your name is Norm), but people will know your name. And every once in a while you wonder if the fact that the patrons and proprietors of one of the seediest clubs in Vegas know your name really is a good thing.

Gentlemen’s Clubber Tip #2: If you have access to one, bring a girl. There are so many freaking reasons to do this. For one, strippers pay far more attention to the ladies in the club, and feel freer in regards to touching naughty bits. Another reason: by the time your girl gets home she will be uncontrollably horny. Keep in mind, though: bring only the chillest of girls. There’s nothing more embarrassing than seeing a woman get over excited about seeing other naked women and drawing attention to herself. Basically make sure she knows to man up, show the appropriate amount of interest in her surroundings, and realize all of the attention is already on her.

PS. Take a look at that picture. This is one of two available, and both of them are daytime shots. If you do not know what that says about this establishment, maybe you should keep the training wheels on at Sapphire or Spearmint Rhino. I don’t think i have to tell you to not be fooled by the pink Cadillac out front. I’m not entirely convinced it actually runs.

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