Frasier Really Wants To Be A Reality Guy?


We met him on “Cheers,” then followed the urbane psychiatrist through eleven seasons of “Frasier” and multiple movies. And now, Kelsey Grammer wants us to “reality” see him. The 55 year old actor is reportedly in talks to star in his own reality show. Can’t really blame him. It sure seemed to work out for his soon to be ex-wife and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reality star, Camille, who’s expected to collect a parting gift to the tune of $50 million. Uh oh… No prenup! (Which also may speak to his reasoning for a new gig pronto!)

Grammer is teaming up with reality production pundit, Stella Bulochinikov-Stolper, who’s the woman that felt we’d all care about “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.” I know, I know… that would be my biggest secret too. They are forming G3 Productions and reportedly already working on a one-hour political drama, “Starz Chicago,” where Grammer will be playing a powerful Chicago mayor.

According to PopEater, “Kelsey’s producing partner, Bulochinikov-Stolper said, ‘I knew that Kelsey loved this space and would love to pop some big shows. The idea that he would lend his name and brain and star power to working on some formats was so exciting to me.’ ” It is further buzzed that, “a production deal is already in place with production company Zodiak USA, which Kelsey’s producing partner says is ‘really going to produce some fireworks.’ ”

Now get this. Even though Grammer’s ultra-public rather rancorous divorce is hitting him hard in the pocket, he does not plan on asking his 29 year old wife-to-be to sign a prenup! However, you have to admit by inviting Camille to his wedding in February presented a pretty nice slap in the face and I’m guessing her facial expression might have been worth all 50 million of those dollars to him.

With his upcoming divorce, nuptials, and recent multi-million dollar New York apartment purchase, they should be filming already. I can’t imagine his life getting any more hectic (or interesting if you’re the viewer) from here. But as for now, “Frasier has left the building.”

(Image from Splash News)

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