French Guy Fined Thousands For Not Having Enough Sex


You think our justice system is strange at times? Well listen up men! If you’re libido ain’t what it used to be, stay out of French relations. According to Telegraph, “A judge in France has ruled that a 51-year-old man must pay his 47-year-old ex-wife damages for failing to fulfill her sexual needs for 21 years.”

The report goes on to detail that “a man from Nice, in southern France, known in court as Jean-Louis B., must pay his wife 10,000 euros — or $13,965 — to compensate for a ‘lack of sex over 21 years of marriage.’ ” How is that calculated? We don’t have a price-per-orgasm exchange rate that I’m aware of. Did the judge simply call in France’s most honorable prostitutes with calculators?

So where exactly is the legality in this decision? In other words, where does he ‘get off’? The report states that the judge fined the man under section 215 of France’s civil code, which says married couples agree to a “shared communal life.” The man argued with the judge that “he was often tired and had health problems that prevented him from being sexually active with his ex.” The judge (who is obviously a fan of Cialis) wouldn’t hear of it and decreed, “A sexual relationship between husband and wife is the expression of affection they have for each other, and in this case it was absent.” So remember French guys, just because the log ride is broken, doesn’t mean you close the wet and wild part of the amusement park.

This isn’t the first time France has taken sex seriously. The report confirmed that “the ruling comes two years after a judge deemed the man solely responsible for the couple’s divorce because of his refusal to have sex with his wife.”

This is a tad askew to say the least. By France’s logic, if you really wanted to rape somebody but had an enormous amount of patience coupled with mastery skill level of trickery…. just marry her and it’s completely legal. Boy… gives a new meaning to the word ‘loop-hole’.

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