Fulfill Your Childhood Fantasy with Apple’s DJ for iPad


Apple’s game changing iPad recently unveiled a DJ application for a mere $20. What can’t you do with the latest and greatest invention from the tech powerhouse?

It would seem as if, these days, that everybody and there mother is either an aspiring photographer, fashion designer, musical artists, or more specifically a disc jockey (DJ). What can I say, we’re all aspiring artists as of late, in one way, shape or form. And with the ongoing popularity of techno infused hip-hop, turntables, DJ sets, and any accommodating application have been all the rage as people are realizing it’s easier than ever to get your hands on a pair of one’s and two’s.

Recognizing such a movement and phenomenon, Apple so appropriately decided to cash in accordingly in utilizing their recently famed iPad as catalyst for a DJ prototype, in which you (yes, you) can entertain your next storied house party as the host disc jockey.

The DJ for iPad is set up, full fledged with a mixer and two touch turntables, having several mixing options and even an automatic setting for when your skills get you noticed by that special female. So feel free to set that puppy on autopilot and smooth one out on the dance floor with the lucky lady.

The undoubtedly impressive aspect in regards to the newly released techno application is the price tag. For a mere $20 you can transform from Joe Blow nine to five, into DJ Legit, becoming all the craze for your neighborhood shindig.

See accommodating video below:

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KARq9YU1_B8&feature=player_embedded

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