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Linda Blaney started Having Fun in Vegas initially as a business but not being a business woman, she quickly saw that “free” was the best option for her. She was in another singles group before starting Having Fun and liked the idea of having a group that caters to single individuals but not the costs associated with the group. There are so many ways for singles to meet each other but the majority of them cost money such as online dating, singles groups, lunches, etc.

Las Vegas Meetup

Having Fun In Vegas meetup tries to encourage at least one event per day in the group. The reason behind this is, if someone was having a bad day, they would be able to meet other individuals that are single that night. Her philosophy is that “no one wants to be sad and alone.” The events are a way to alleviate that problem.

Their events have included hikes, happy hours, haunted houses, golfing, game nights, cruises, speed dates, trivia night, and the list could go on and on.

Her most successful event in the 2 years they’ve been in existence was the Oscar Night. She had all her members vote for different members for the different titles they held such as friendliest, funniest, the best looking, best bald head, the best legs, best dancer, etc. She had the awards all ready to go for that evening. Oscar Night turned out to be a great event featuring red carpet and evening gowns. As she said, “nothing but the best for the best night.”

She’s also had great success with her date nights mainly due to the fact she only charges $3 instead of $30 or $40 like companies such as 8minutedating and other companies no longer in existence.

The reason that her meetups are widely successful is because she makes sure that everyone is comfortable. She isn’t of the belief that you separate the cute people and the popular people from everyone else but that all people are equal. All singles are there for the same reason and that’s to meet others. If she sees an individual sitting by themselves on the sidelines, she grabs them and brings them to another individual to start the conversation.

In her eyes, a successful group isn’t based on the number of people at an event. It’s based upon the event itself. She’s had a successful meeting with only 7 people in attendance.

The meetups aren’t for those that are strictly unattached either. It is her belief that until the words, “I do.” are spoken, you are single. You may not be available but you are still classified as single.

She says that there were two locations that she would not recommend due to various issues that included harassment from the staff and the other venues unwillingness to separate checks. At that location, somehow the group wound up being over $500 short so for that reason, they don’t go there as a group any longer.

Whether you are in your 20s to your over 40s, whether you are single or in a relationship, you will always be welcome by Linda. Join her meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/vegas-singles today to cure that boredom.

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