Gaga Discount Leads To Stalled Servers [VIDEO]


Lady Gaga is known for causing a buzz wherever she “pokes-er-face”… but this time, it resulted in a temporary crash that left fans feeling like they were in a “Bad Romance.” Okay, I’m done using her song titles as a play on words so you can all relax.

As many crazed fans are well aware and probably spent the better part of the weekend counting down the hours, Lady Gaga’s much anticipated album, “Born This Way” (Interscope), was released yesterday. According to the New York Times, on Monday, “Amazon surprised the singer’s fans by offering a one-day sale of the MP3 version of the album for 99 cents, a full $11 less than its price at iTunes, the Web’s dominant music retailer.”

Amazon most likely pulled this discount stunt in an effort to promote their new “Cloud Drive service – which allows users to store music files on remote servers and stream them over the Internet to their computer or smartphone.”

As you might imagine, the response was magnanimous. So huge that Amazon obviously underestimated the return those chopped $11 bucks would create. The Times report goes on to say that, “by early afternoon the company’s servers stalled, and many users were unable to download or listen to the album in full.” And with new wave ease of e-bitching just a few keystrokes away… this naturally lead to, “frustrated customers quickly taking to Twitter and to Amazon’s user review page for “Born This Way.’ ”

Amazon pretty much acknowledged their lack of preparedness by their tenuous response at 1:15pm EST which came via their official Twitter: “We’re currently experiencing very high volume. If you order today, you will get the full @ladygaga album for $.99. Thanks for your patience.” For an outfit of this size… I’m sure many felt that was hardly a satisfying band aide on the irksome situation.

Of course Amazon’s original goal of showing off their new Cloud Drive service appeared more like a nimbus cloud service due to their server mishap. This is what consumers were supposed to be greeted with: “Amazon offers customers five free gigabytes of space on its Cloud Service and increases it to 20 gigabytes for customers who buy an album.” I understand this can get a bit “clouded” when you’re album won’t download leaving you curing to “Judas.” Okay… I did it again. Last time. Promise.

Earlier today, Gaga visited Union Square in her home town of New York City and did an impromptu performance to kick off her latest album.

Check it out below:

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