Gamer Alert: Michael Phelps to Have His Own Video Game


Powerhouse Olympic gold metalist Michael Phelps is poised to make video game history as 505 Games has officially announced of their partnership with the thoroughbred swimmer. Michael Phelps – Push The Limits is not being awarded to just any old video game console. They are going straight to the flavor or the week—Xbox Kinect. That’s right, a full on fish (swimming) simulation. Who hasn’t been dreaming of that since they were tossed in the pool at age four?

“Push the Limit is a fun, innovative, and physical way to game that is complete with elements that will challenge serious gamers, swimmers and casual fans,” said Phelps. “I’m really excited to help bring a one-of-a-kind swimming videogame to the market that is reflective of my competitive nature and passion for swimming. This definitely isn’t your typical videogame; much like my training in the pool, Push the Limit is about improving and mastering every race element – from controlling your adrenaline on the block to perfectly timing your finish. In my world, it takes a lifetime of dedication to get one-hundredth of a second ahead and I believe Push the Limit offers players a unique journey inside swimming that will challenge themselves as much as their in-game competitors.”

I think most would agree that it is an interesting concept, but just how does a controller free swimming game work? I mean, does it come with one of those inflatable kiddie pools? And am I forced to be scantily draped in a grape smuggling Speedo or can I go for a complete set of trunks? Or how ’bout a full on merman? Now that would be interesting.

Nonetheless, the 14 gold metal man is easily one of the greatest athletes in the history of sports, as well as Olympian, so you hate to see him connected to anything too cheesy. Let’s hope they make this work.

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