Gang Robs Drug Dealers Using Onions To Extract Information


 NEW YORK CITY, New York (Daily Mail) ~ Police have arrested a man who employed a rather unusual method of extracting information from the drug dealers robbed by his gang; by stuffing their heads in a sack of onions.

 Erick Meja faces accusations of working for a gang who impersonated police officers so they could raid, kidnap and rob drug traffickers along the East Coast. The gang is accused of crimes committed in 2008, including setting up a fake road block, kidnapping a dealer and later stuffing his head into a sack of sliced onions to extract information, leading the gang to the dealer’s stash. NYPD Detective Therone Eugene of the Drug Enforcement Administration said, “the crew placed a bag of onions over the head of one of the male victims to induce him to reveal the location of narcotics. The bag filled with cut-up onions caused the victim to experience a form of asphyxiation.’

 The gang pretended to arrest the dealer by creating a fake road block, using fake badges and a car fitted with police lights. He was then driven to a caravan and tied up, along with a woman and child. The gang later returned the Queens with a $35,000 haul, according to court records. The gang also employed more traditional methods of extracting information, including beatings, squeezing testicles with pliers and mock drownings, but claim the onion bag method was the most successful.

 The onion trick was also used in a home invasion robbery in Georgia which scored the gang 77 pounds of cocaine and $100,000. The gang, led by Franklin De Vargas, was allegedly responsible for than 100 robberies in several states. A spokesman for Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said Mejia was being held on a murder charge and would be transported to New York for arraignment soon.

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