German Upside Down Crazy House Open For Visitors


BISPINGEN, Germany ~ (Aol News/AP) ~ If you happen to be passing through Bispingen, then stop by and check out a new perspective on the world at a place called “The Crazy House” (Verrueckte Haus).

 The topsy-turvy dwelling is the creation of builders Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk, who started erecting the structure last year in a right-side up configuration at a zoo in Gettorf. Later the house was moved to Bispingen, where it was then flipped by two cranes and set in its new, precarious position. Th house was made open to the general public on March 26th.

 The official title of the project is ‘The World Stands On Its Head’; Golos and Mikuciuk said they “didn’t built the house for a reason, they just wanted to do something different.” Similar houses with flipped designs have been built in the past in Poland and America, but this house not only features inverted exterior, but the interior rooms are also filled out and furnished in the same orientation. Visitors can tour the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living room and see couches, beds, chairs, tables- complete with place settings, all firmly attached over their heads. And just to throw visitors off balance a little, the whole structure is tilted off axis by about 5º.

Photo credit: Associated Press

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