Google Earth Offers 3-D Tour of Super Bowl Stadium


In the same boat as the millions (billions?) of other individuals who will unfortunately not be in attendance at Cowboys Stadium tomorrow night for the big game? That’s okay, Google Earth has got ya covered.

While I’m sure the majority of you have yet to experience the modern marvel and wonderment that is “Jerry’s World,” and if you have, it was more than likely not during the same excitement level as this weekend, we may all journey over to the middle of the US, in means of “touring” the ginormous Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Don’t get salty pondering about it though, folks. The Super Bowl is the elite of the elite, so are you really that realistically sour that you won’t physically be in attendance? I mean after all, the Black Eyed Peas are the halftime show (no hate) for goodness sake. Now back to the task at hand.

The wonderful powers that be in conjunction with the innovative Google Earth phenomenon have formulated a 3-dimensional viewing/tour of the entire facility, so we can all share in that same, great Super Bowl spirit. Pretty 21st century, huh?

All you Google Earth frequenters, simply search “Cowboys Stadium,” let her load, and sit back and enjoy the “ride.” But please remember, keep your arms, legs, and all extremities inside of the cart at all times.

My only wish for future reference and improbability is to literally fill up my belly with some delicious 3-dimensional stadium food. Can we make that happen, guys? I mean it is 2011.

Nonetheless, enjoy the tour, watch the game, argue with your friends, and go Packers.

See video below:

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