Google’s Top Searches of 2010 Revealed


The web is a wonderfully exciting and stalkerishly informative wasteland, where within Google is the ruler of all its inhabitants. The reach and power of it is seemingly endless and can open your eyes to a plethora of the unknown with the click of a button (search). Now of course you can search gadgets, clothes, places, or any other sort of meaningful know how, but the juicy stuff is the who. Yeah, things are okay and fun to investigate, but what we’d much rather spend hours upon end doing is learning about the latest drunken extravaganza from our favorite entertainer or witnessing the breathtaking new photo shoot featuring our favorite artist. Let’s face it, people love to live vicariously through prettier, wealthier, “happier” individuals.

With all that being said, it is that time of the years folks. With the final ticks nearing their end of 2010, everybody and their mother is formulating and releasing their yearly top lists. Google being the search engine juggernaut, they have been awarded the latest and brightest stage in unveiling their top searches over the past 365 days. Focusing on the most sought upon people of the year, the list has the capability of surprising you on several accounts.

The top honor of most searched persons should however surprise no one. Even your great grandmother’s priest gets down with this pre-puberty stricken heart throb. Google’s top searched individual of 2010 is none other than pop sensation, Justin Bieber. You still have the fever, don’t you?

While we all should have seen that one coming, some of the other names will merit a bit of a head scratcher, but of course there are a bevy of beautiful babes accompanying the young ladies man, including Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Christina Hendricks, Heidi Montag, Katy Perry (my latest obsession), Kim Kardashian (surprised she was that low), and Lindsay Lohan.

Sex still does sell, correct? So no big shock the list was filled with a number of ferocious females. To catch the list from top to bottom, see below:

1. Justin Bieber
2. Ke$ha
3. Wiz Khalifa
4. Nicki Minaj
5. Christina Hendricks
6. Heidi Montag
7. Katy Perry
8. Kid Cudi
9. Kim Kardashian
10. Lindsay Lohan

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