Gospel Cafe and Book Shop Unhappy With Fat Ho Burger Diner


WACO,  Texas ~ (KWTX.com/Fox News) ~ A local woman who has named her restaurant ‘Fat Ho Burgers’ has found herself in one fat ho of a conflict with a nearby cafe.

23-year-old Lakita Evans opened her controversially-named diner on March 23rd to a long line of waiting customers; business was so good that the cash-only business first ran out of cash, then ran out of it’s supply of beef. Evans chose the provocative name after watching the movie ‘Phat Girlz’, a  2006 comedy starring Mo’Nique. She KWTX.com,  “I was watching ‘Phat Girlz’ and they had like a fat ass burger and skinny ass fries,” Evans also added, “it’s not calling people a ho, it’s just like they say, ‘Oooh, that ho is big’ or ‘that ho is tight!’ ”

The Fat Ho menu includes culinary choices such as the Sloppy Ho Brisket, the Supa Fly Ho, which is a single patty burger, and the Supa Dupa Fly Ho, a double-patty burger. And then there’s the Bad Mamajama, a monster four-patty burger with bacon. And of course, they’re all available “With Chz”.

But there’s at least one local business around the corner, the Gospel Cafe and Book Shop, that isn’t feeling the spirit in the name. Pastor Marsha Martie, who volunteers at the quiet neighborhood establishment, told Fox News that she wishes Evan had chosen a “more sensitive name,” adding, “That would have been nice, to think a little more sensibly.”

The move has sparked some national buzz, with one former Waco resident forming a Facebook group asking Evans to change the name. However, Evans thinks the world has larger things to be concerned about, rather than the name of a burger joint in the Lone Star State. “Look what’s going on in Japan,” she said. “It’s, like, clear this world is not gonna get any better. Why cry and be depressed? The economy is bad. Somebody gotta keep a sense of humor around here.”

Photo credit: Daily Mail

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