GQ Men of the Year Unveiled… Plus One


It’s that time of the year again, folks (no, not when the leaves start to turn colors and sinus infections run rampid), when the wonderful people over at the quality GQ publication nominate their top males of the current 365 day period. Often a bit abstractly chosen and of course, capturing a “sleeper” or two, this year’s class is certainly no different and subsequently features a variety of talented men. Let’s get right into it. Shall we?

Quite possibly the most coveted category and lead award goes to none other than Jeff Bridges, who takes home “Icon of the Year.” No running commentary on this one. Sorry.

Next up, we have the eye brow raising category of “Patriot of the Year.” And this one is presented to Stephen Colbert. Yet again, not much to say on this, as I can’t disagree with the nod.

On to quite possibly the most controversial selection in “Breakout of the Year,” with the winner being Aubrey “Drake” Graham, this will undoubtedly get a decent amount of feedback, both positive and negative, mainly from the male persuasion might I add. (The girls still love them some drizzy.) I would have to say that, in my opinion, his breakout year was last year. Albeit he did release his debut, studio album in 2010, but other than that, he truly burst onto the scene in 2009. Sorry GQ. A bit behind maybe?

The final men’s winner goes to James Franco for “Leading Man of the Year.” Sorry Franc, but what were you in again? Harsh, I know – but journalistic freedom, baby. I really am just in a hurry to round things out with my favorite award.

Babe of the Year,” can any of you fault me now (yeah, even you, ladies)? Drum roll, please… And the winner is Scarlett Johansson. No argument, no second thought, no differing opinion, as the all natural bustling babe can act, sing, and look just plain gorgeous what ever she’s doing. Triple threat, kids. Diversity is key, and boy is she ever. Scarlett Jo, congrats and hands down, you deserve it.

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