Grandma Busted for Trying to Sell Infant Grandson


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. —Grandma may love you, but she digs cold hard cash more. Police in Fla. arrest a woman and her boyfriend after they tried to sell her infant grandson for $30,000.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement busted 45-year-old Patty Bigbee and her 42-year-old boyfriend, Lawrence Works on Friday after they tried to sell her grandson to an undercover agent.

The gruesome twosome was charged with illegal sale or surrender of a child. Bigbee was also charged with communications fraud.

Authorities began the investigation after an informant said the woman was trying to sell the infant for $75,000.

FDLE said the agent was able to talk the woman down to $30,000 before slapping on the cuffs.

The woman had custody of her grandson while her daughter is incarcerated on unrelated charges.

The infant has since been turned over to child welfare officials.

Authorities said they didn’t know if Bigbee or Works had an attorney.

(AP Photo/Volusia County Sheriff)

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