Greatest Putt-Putt Shot of All Time [VIDEO]


Whether played during family vacation one summer or on that nerve racking first date, chances are, most of you out there have set foot upon the glorious wonderment and turf that is a miniature golf course. Laden with wild, zoo-like creatures, clowns, towers, and windmills—it’s basically amusement park meets zoo meets sport. How could anyone not love that?

True competitors of course, take it way too seriously—getting angry most times and thus throwing putters, splashing water, and teeing off on the poor golf balls—four! Some simply use it as a teaching opportunity in aiding the techniques of those less experienced. Or lastly, the thrill seekers, with lofty aspirations of greatness, who attempt in the most unthinkably creative shots they can conjure up. This my friends, is where the featured footage comes into play—thus the “Greatest Putt-Putt Shot of All Time.” How enticing!

First thought that comes to my mind, is one of the greatest movies ever produced (yes, ever) Adam Sandler’s “Happy Gilmore.” Yes, I can hear all of you groan. In one of the last golf shots of the movie, Sandler’s character Happy performs one of the most impressive putt-putt obstacle course-esque shots ever seen. While this go might not have it beat in terms of flashy apparatuses, the pre-thought and creativity undoubtedly receives a 10.

Let this be a challenge to you, friends. Next family vacation, date, or mere curious visit to your local putt-putt spot—see if you can top this guy and the miraculous “ghost ball.”

See video below:

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