Grown Man Sues Parents for Cutting His Allowance


MALAGA, Spain –“Waa!” –An unemployed Spanish man, who sued his parents for ending his monthly allowance, was ordered to quit freeloading by a family court judge.

Malaga Family Court Judge Luis Utrera ordered the man from Andalusua in Southern Spain to leave his parents’ home within 30 days, Think Spain reported.

The man, whose identity was not released, sued his parents after they cut his monthly allowance of $587.

The mother, who works at a restaurant, testified that her son was verbally and physically abusive toward her and her husband, who works as a garbage collector.

Judge Utrera said the family could not afford the luxury of supporting an adult son who does not work nor attend school. The family feels he is capable of finding a job and making a living.

Parents have no absolute or unlimited obligation to provide maintenance for their adult children — such actions are only limited to certain circumstances,” Utrera said.

Because of the high number of unemployment among the young it is not uncommon for children to live with their family until they are well into their 30’s.

The youth unemployment rate is the highest in the European Union at 40 percent. There are 4.6 million unemployed in Spain, government figures for the fourth quarter of 2010 indicate.

In researching this story further, I discovered a sad footnote to this case. The court eventually ordered the parents to pay the son’s monthly food cost of $292.00, they were also ordered to take over his car payments for two years. I guess it’s good to be a freeloader in Spain

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